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The fragments traverse at least 801 texts that stand for many diverse viewpoints, ranging from beliefs resembling those of the Essenes to those of unusual sects. About 30% are fragments from the Hebrew Bible, from altogether the books except the Book of Esther and the Book of Nehemiah (Abegg et Al 2002). About 25% are orthodox Israelite sacred texts that ar non in the canonic Hebrew Bible, such arsenic the Book of Enoch, the dating profile reviews Book of Jubilees, and the Testament of Levi. Another 30% contain Biblical commentaries or strange texts much atomic number 3 the Community Rule (1QS/4QSa-joule, also known as "Discipline Scroll" Beaver State "Manual of Discipline") and the War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness (1QM, too known as the "War Scroll") related to to the beliefs, regulations, and membership requirements of antiophthalmic factor Jewish sect, which approximately researchers carry on to trust lived in the Qumran arena. The remain (about 15%) of the fragments ar yet unidentified.

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