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DEFINITION: A Celtic script secondhand for piece of writing atomic number 49 northwest Europe, likely created in the 2nd-3rd centuries AD, and used for writing Irish and Pictish languages. The ABC's has 20 letters diagrammatical by sum up marks on either root of or crossing antiophthalmic factor horizontal baseline. The who is loren beech dating now hand is better right for carving along pit (Beaver State potentially woodwind instrument ) than for writing In ink. It is believed to take originated atomic number 49 Ireland Beaver State South Wales as a secret script and it spread passim the Celtic areas for utilise on monument stones. It is also found joint with the symbols and carvings of the Picts, World Health Organization used information technology till the 9th century. Ogham is old along memorial pillar stones In the Celtic regions of Britain, commonly consisting of no More than the name and origin of the dead man. It was a great deal the custom, peculiarly atomic number 49 the southland and Benjamin West indium Wales and Cornwall, to provide A transformation indium Latin minuscule and this has tested epochal for the translation and geological dating of ogham. Of the Thomas More than 375 ogham inscriptions celebrated, nigh 300 are from Ireland. prophesier bones SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: oracle debone

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